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Using the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Census data the Street Witness software can find the most targeted postcodes based on your supplied demographic. Whether you are looking for home owners aged between 30-50, or males who are high earners aged 25-45, the software can determine which postcodes you should be targeting for your distribution.

To ensure leaflets are reaching the desired market you need to have confidence that the right postcodes are being targeted. We have developed our software to ensure leaflets are being distributed to the people that fit your customer’s target market.

Our software has a built-in facility to search the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Census data and match it to your customer’s specific demographic. The system will return a report detailing which postcodes best meet their requirements.

Demogrpahic Reporting

Alternatively, the system can also show the demographic of their customers. By using their existing sales data we can view detailed characteristics of their customers and determine where they live, their gender, whether they are a home owner, their age, marital status etc. From this information your customer’s will be able to ascertain where they should be targeting their leaflet distributions.

This valuable information can mean the difference between a successful leaflet distribution and an ineffective one. If your customer’s are promoting gardening services to households the system will determine whether the area they are targeting has lots of flats or office buildings, which would not need these types of services.

The Leaflet Management Console is a powerful tool that will help any business find a cost effective answer to their leaflet distribution. Not only can they determine who their customers are and where they can find them, but which postcodes to exclude. Taking a more targeted approach to leaflet distributions will certainly help improve response rates and increase the return on investment (ROI).


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