Starting A Leaflet Company

Why Leaflet Delivery? As far as printed media is concerned, nothing is as effective in delivering a message as a leaflet….fact! Depending on your own abilities, it is more than possible to start your own leaflet delivery business with zero outlay, Although investing money in your business will save you time and get you to a decent, revenue earning position far quicker. So what are the pitfalls to be wary of? Why does the leaflet distribution industry have such a bad reputation? How do you get it right!


Search through business forums and you will see many business owners disgruntled by leaflet distribution businesses.

Their return on investment was not high enough, the phone did not ring so the leaflet could not have been delivered, one post even blatantly insists that all leaflet distribution companies are run by rip off merchants looking to make a fast buck!

On the other hand, you also find people proclaiming to be owners of a leaflet distribution business that give rates far below what could be described as reasonable for the job and they must live in a city of terraced houses to be able to make a profit.

Who is right? Actually neither.

This website is for leaflet delivery businesses, wether existing or people thinking about starting up. If there is one idea that helps you and your clients become more successful and understanding of each others needs then the websites work is done.

Hopefully it will also be informative to other business owners thinking of advertising through the leaflet media and point out the realistic scale of what is achievable. What to expect from the leaflet delivery team and (possibly more importantly) what not to expect, especially if you are offered a cheap deal.

The content is provided by an established, successful leaflet delivery business and not "theory".

Our first ever job was created simply by walking into a shop and asking if they required any leaflets delivering. When talking to the client they mentioned that they belonged to a town traders association which was duly joined, more customers gained and the rest, as they say, is history. Start up costs? Zero, we didn't even have business cards, just some leaflets we had made and printed on a home printer. Even the paper and ink that those leaflets were printed on were paid for out of our first delivery profit.

Would we recommend starting this way? No! We were lucky in finding a business owner to trust us implicitly with their leaflets. Most wouldn’t.

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