Management Reporting

Our leaflet management reporting software has postcode and spatial recognition. Selecting specific postcode areas or particular dates and times. The leaflet distribution can be displayed visually on a map and can include the street listings before being emailed to your customers at the click of a button.

The web based software is a valuable tool when it comes to selectings pecific postcodes for targeted deliveries. The online interactive software allows you to zoom in on a particular area and view details of the postcodes in that locality.

By using the interactive map you will be able to identify the types of property in the vicinity in order to help you calculate how long the delivery will take to complete. From this you can print off reports to send to your customers, or they can be used for staff to ascertain which properties they need to deliver to.

This impressive software also allows you to choose a particular postcode by area ‘ST’, district ‘ST7’ or sector ‘ST7 1’ and will only return records within this area. The interactive report enables the map to be zoomed in and out and will highlight particular areas of interest, such as large blocks of flats and residential homes which you can factor into the cost of delivery. This results in fine targeting with accurate house counts, making this a cost effective solution for leaflet distribution.

Report Exporting

All the reports are customised and can be printed, emailed or saved as PDFs.

The success of this software is the ability for leaflet delivery companies to be precise in their offering to customers, more accurate in their deliveries and the ability with which they can provide reports and up-to-the-minute information on any aspect of a customer’s leaflet distribution.



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