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Leaflet Management Software

Door-to-Door Management Software

Our customised leaflet distribution management software caters specifically to Door-to-Door businesses. Whether you're a budding startup or a seasoned player in the leaflet distribution industry, our tailored solution is designed to meet your unique needs.

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Distribution Routes

The starting point of many distributions is where to deliver.

Effortlessly design distribution routes by choosing from postcode boundaries, radial distances, or freehand drawing.

Selecting the property type—residential, flats, or commercial—automatically generates the corresponding number of properties.

Distribution Reports

Save time and money by automating the manual process of data retrieval and daily uploading, and the time consuming tasks of report production, map drawing and screen grabbing.

Specially designed reporting software with geofencing and spatial recognition, allows for clients distribution to specfically tailored to their distribution.

The leaflet distribution can be displayed visually and can include the street listings before being emailed to your customers.

Real-Time GPS Monitoring

Door-to-Door marketing is a very competitive sector, providing clients with evidence of their delivery as it happens is essential.

Real-Time GPS trackers reporting every 5 seconds allow this to be acheived and a website link makes it easy for clients to view ongoing progress or to view completion reports.

Our GPS trackers boast a battery life of over 12 hours of continuous tracking while on the move, ensuring that your distributions are meticulously tracked at all times.



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